Addicted to…

So red … bloody red..

i try to know you, but you’re an angel above

everybody shout your name..they love you

will I do the same?

Then I finally got that chance..

gosh, you’re sure red, your scent burn my heat

I kiss you sweet, and you start suck my lip..

that’s the time i realized that i’m addicted to you…

Call me’s just a kiss but you turn my soul wild..

I may be fragile..but thanks to you i’m unbreakable..

I can’t wait to kiss you more..

and then you came along in my darkness night..

you kiss me deep..i’ll be weak if you end it.

I’ll suffer more if you gone..

I’ll trade my soul for your other kisses

where are you?

I’ve given my soul..I’ve given my mind..

It’s not just an ode to you..

It’s a prove that I’m so addicted to you!!!!

[ with a bottle of Syrah..i’m glad to be addict to you..]


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